D11 label printer

Set Up the D11 or B21 Portable Printer

Thank you for purchasing Niimbot portable label printer.  All of them use the same app: Niimbot. Please read the following instructions to operate your label printer. 


1. Please make sure you are not charging the printer while using it. This will affect the bluetooth connection !

2.  Please charge your printer at least a month to maintain printer battery health

Search NiiMbot in your Appstore (iOS) and Playstore ( Android) and install the app.

After your app is opened with printer connected and label rolls installed, your labels will be recognised automatically by the app  ( Please do not remove sticker on side of label roll.  Please open this button in app to start designing the label

D11 operation video

D101 operation video

B21 Operation Video

For B21:  In very few cases, If printer cannot charge ( LED is not ON while charging) and cannot turn on (Press button to end and hold 5 sec) . Please use SIM tool to push reset position 3 sec & wait 1 min, then try to turn on again. )

B18 Operation Video