Easylabel Tech 410 Bluetooth Thermal Printer Instructions 

Label Installation

Windows Installation

Download Windows driver HERE. And then follow the video below.

Mac Computer Installation

Please download Mac driver HERE.

Mac only can connect the printer via USB connection, Please connect your printer usb cable with mac and turn it on. 

Print Waybill label (Windows& Mac)

Download the sample air waybill to test print if you don’t have any airwaybill . 

Printing Settings for Easy Parcel
Printing Settings for Ninja Van dashboard

Ninjia van dashboard air waybill is not optimized for label printer and need to modify before print. Solution: 

Download your airway bill pdf file in 1 bills per page format from Ninjia van dashboard and then Go to this link.  Upload you waybill and split one page to 2 pages. Download the new pdf file and print first page. 



 Download FREE label design software and follow the video below to install and use it 

This is one Paid label design software called Live Label, You can download and try Here


There is no free software currently.  If you want to design a label inclusive of text, shape, barcode and QR code, Please follow this video to use online platform Canva to design and it’s free.  

This is one Paid label design software on Mac called Live Label, You can download and try Here

Print using phone

 iOS:  Search Elabel app in AppStore and follow the video below to print

Elabel app settings: 

Android:  Scan QR code below to download the app ( Do not download the version from Playstore) and follow the video below to print 

An alternative Android app in Android to try to print PDF waybill ( search Nokoprint in Google playstore)